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Classes guaranteed to meet your where you are in your fitness journey and still leave you sweating EVERY SINGLE TIME. Try any class and find out which you feel most challenged in!

Repattern, Retrain, and Perform

The Inactivity Problem

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, by 2030, half of all Americans will be obese. Obesity is often tied to chronic disease and pain due to a life of inactivity.

We know that the top preventable deaths in the United States – including diseases of the heart, preventable injuries, and cancer ─ can be avoided by living a healthier lifestyle.

We also know that you can’t just throw money at a problem to solve it. You must get to the root cause to change motivations and mindsets.

The World Health Organization and American Heart Association also have physical activity guidelines. Yet despite these, nearly 80% of adults don’t meet these guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

They are all on the same continuum…while prioritizing different goals and outcomes

  • If you are hurt- you’ll train, just differently
  • If you are not hurt- you’ll train, just differently

The most important distinction is that you are working with a coach or clinician who can get you from where you are, to where you need/want to be

Whatever you need, Getting It Daily’s got you!!

Our whole team is made of coach/holistic wellness hybrids… to the point where we don’t even want you to label us. Just know that we dedicate our brain power and time to learning all about helping you, practicing what we preach, and helping people with similar problems as you feel better and more confident

Kettlebell Club

It’s a small group training program that meets twice a week, and requires an initial 12-week commitment with the ability to continue as long as you wish.

In these 1-hour sessions, you’ll join up to 11 others. We take no more than 12 people into the group at a time: six at Reload and six attending virtually, so you get the personal coaching you need to improve your skills!

This class is intended for those looking to master the basic six main kettlebell movements (Swing, Clean, Squat, Press, Snatch, and Turkish Get-Up).

How can I join Kettlebell Club?


  • Clubs meet twice weekly at the Getting It Daily at 746b Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY. We add new class times as demand increases.
  • Be warned: demand for spots is always high. So sign up early, because we limit spaces and fill them on a first-come-first-served basis.


  • Pay in installments of $280 every four weeks.
  • You’ll get a total of 24 sessions during your initial 12 weeks. You’ll be training in a small group setting with a focus on measuring results and improvements through science, structured programming.
  • At the end of these 12 weeks, you will automatically be enrolled in an ongoing membership subscription until our team is advised of membership cancellation with 28 days advance notice.

Kettlebells will be supplied if you are participating with your kettlebell team in-house.

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Pull Up Club

Have you struggled with getting your first pull-up or increasing the reps you can do? Do you want to improve the way your upper body looks? Do you feel like your shoulders, elbows, or wrists aren’t strong enough?

Our Pull Up Club is an inclusive small group training class with a dedicated coach focused on helping you to improve your pull-up and even other upper body lifts.

You will…

  • Build your upper body strength and resilience!!
  • Learn with other people in a fun environment with others going on a similar journey
  • Experience curated programming that will meet you where you are whether it is your first pull up or you want to reach for a new rep max

When: Classes will be on a rolling basis – for a minimum of 12 concurrent weeks

What: Small group training twice a week

Where: Getting It Daily @ 746 Monroe Ave

Who: Small groups of 6

Cost: Installments of $280 collected every 4 weeks

At the end of the initial 12 weeks, you will automatically be enrolled in an ongoing membership subscription until our team is advised of membership cancellation with 28 days advance notice.